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Two Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity Theft is No Joke!

You’ve surely heard about why you need identity theft protection. A carelessly tossed receipt or lost credit card that falls into the wrong hands can ruin your financial life. Fraudulent emails asking for personal information like Social Security numbers or bank account numbers are obvious tip-offs that an identity thief is lurking and trying to make you a victim. (more…)


Man is Sued and Served a Subpoena

Here’s a story of clients who were blindsided by legal trouble and received timely assistance thanks to LegalShield.

If you are sued and served a subpoena, get help from LegalShield in Winchester, VA.Several years after a particular issue had been resolved, a man was suddenly served with papers and a subpoena to appear in court. Getting sued for something is obviously no joke and can destroy a person’s livelihood and credit forever (never mind the stress of just trying to dealing with the event as it occurs in a court), so understandably, the man and his wife were afraid that they would lose everything. (more…)

There is Such a Thing As Too Many Credit Score Checks

Keep Credit Score Checks to “One and Done”

You may have noticed how much credit scores are beginning to matter; people are starting to ask for them the way they used to ask for social security numbers. And while everyone knows that giving out your social security number to the wrong person can end in identity theft and ruined credit, not everyone is aware that checking your credit score too often—even just two or three times in the same year—can also end in a lowered score or ruined credit. (more…)