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Man is Sued and Served a Subpoena

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Here’s a story of clients who were blindsided by legal trouble and received timely assistance thanks to LegalShield.

If you are sued and served a subpoena, get help from LegalShield in Winchester, VA.Several years after a particular issue had been resolved, a man was suddenly served with papers and a subpoena to appear in court. Getting sued for something is obviously no joke and can destroy a person’s livelihood and credit forever (never mind the stress of just trying to dealing with the event as it occurs in a court), so understandably, the man and his wife were afraid that they would lose everything.

The first instinct they had was, of course, to contact an attorney and find out what could be done and what they would have to do to clear things up. The attorney promised to help, but the retainer for this assistance ran all the way to five thousand dollars. Shocked by such an outrageous cost for something that was no longer even in debate, they discussed whether or not they had any other choice on such short notice.

Fortunately, the wife remembered that they had LegalShield to turn to for situations just like this. After just a few phone calls, they were referred to an attorney in the network who knew exactly how to help them prevent further confusion and clear up what was already there. This attorney was able to provide a letter on their behalf that proved the matter had long since been settled, and that suing for any reason was neither necessary nor fair. In the end, the case was completely dropped.

The wife contacted me afterward and relayed how happy she was with not only the results but the overall experience; she shared with me that LegalShield had saved her and her husband not only the ridiculously costly $5,000 retainer, but also the money that would have been lost because of the time they would have needed to take from work to deal with the problem.

Often, being sued ends terribly. Even if, as the wife had noted, they had been able to prove that there no longer was a case, they would—if nothing else—have lost valuable income from leaving work to appear in court in response to the subpoena. Instead, one of LegalShield’s experienced attorneys was able to streamline the process and resolve the case without taking any more of their valuable time than was absolutely necessary. That means that, compared to the typical lawsuit, the couple walked away with money in their pocket!


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